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Edmund Icontest

The Edmund Pevensie Icontest
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Welcome to edmund_icontest!

This is an icontest for the character of Edmund Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia. Most of the pictures will be Edmund as portrayed by Skandar Keynes, but not all.


1. Do not use images other than those posted in the challenge, unless otherwise stated.

2. Icons must be in LiveJournal accepted format. That means 100x100 pixels, less than 40 kb in size, and .png, .gif or .jpg format.

3. Do not post your icons anywhere on LiveJournal or elsewhere before or during each contest. After the voting is complete, you may share your icon with the world as you choose.

4. You must be a member to participate.

5. To enter, submit your icons in a comment in the entry post only. No anonymous comments will be accepted. Comments will be screened.

6. Enter with the following format:


7. You cannot vote for your own icon. You will be immediately disqualified if that happens, so don't do it!

8. When voting, vote for three icons: no more, no less (unless otherwise noted).

9. New challenges will be posted every week if all goes well. You will have seven days to submit your icons. After that, voting will begin. Winners will be announced after 24 hours of voting.

We are in need of a banner maker for our winners. If you would like to be one, comment here.




If you would like to be one, comment here.